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Fort Clatsop > Culture > Recommended Websites

Official Website of the Chinook Nation
Excellent site integrates contemporary and historic information. Tribal council, announcements, culture and photo archives, events listing, contact info and more.

Chinook People
This is a page from the Westside Elementary in Hood River, Oregon site, the listings here have been created by 4th Graders in something they call the Trails Project. It is a very cute little set of pieces and gives tidbits about the Chinook.

Chinook Indians
This is a PBS page that is pretty informative. Thye have a whole huge site dedicated to Lewis and Clark, including tribes along the trail, this is their Chinook page. It isn't very big, and tells more about the stay of the Corps with the tribe, but it does give a little background and cultural information on these people.

Clatsop County Reference Information
Text and images on history of Clatsop County and Seaside, Oregon.

Chinook Indian
This site is a little information bank for Native American news, and other media. It has lots of Native TV, radio, and book links as well as a page that explains their language (a link there is on the Language page of our site too), culture, and answers FAQs.

The Cathlapotle Plankhouse
This is a site dedicated to all the amazing history and culture behind that famous archaeological site at Cathlopotle.

The Virtual Meier Site
A repository of raw data and graphics for the Meier artifact catalogs.

Chinook and Clatsop

This page was created by a Junior High teacher, her students did research on some of the tribes along the trail. The Chinook and Clatsop are featured here, among a few others. On these pages, they describe the life of the people before, during and after Lewis and Clark, as well as clothing, dwellings, canoes and food.

Ilwaco, Washington
At the start of this page, it gives a history of the southwestern corner of Washington state. The passage includes a few of the tribal customs, including head-flattening, and the son-in-law of Chief Comcomly, who the town was named after.

Student Projects on the Theme of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
This site was created by students of John Jacob Astor Elementary School in conjunction with the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory on the end of the Lewis and Clark trail. Scroll down on this page and you will find a good list of cultural topics covered briefly by these students.

Naselle, A Hidden Treasure
Here is an engaging little story about the community of Naselle, Washington. It comes from the Chinook Observer, the newspaper for the Long Beach Peninsula at the mouth of the Columbia River in Washington.

Who were those Indians?
This is an account of the Columbia River tribes, from the Plateau all the way down to the Coast. At the bottom of the page links are given to People of the Columbia Plains, The Chinookan Bands, Wishram Basketry and a map of the tribes in Oregon and Washington.

Long Beach Peninsula
This is a visitors guide to the Long Beach Peninsula. Follow the buttons down the left side of the page to virtually visit communities in that area.

Chinook Press Releases
Business press releases from the official Chinook webpage.  July, 5 2002 link details the lack of recognition from the US government. 

Online Bibliographies

ibike - Ethnic Heritage Bibliography of the Northwest
This is a great, long list of books and articles on the Chinook and their language. It includes books and articles on the subjects of history, archaeology, ethnology, cultural change, mythology, art, old journals of expeditions and more. This site is supported by Ibike, a program that offers educational, leisurely bike tours of different areas of the world to interact with and learn from local people from the areas visited. There is a link to the homepage of this site on this Chinook page

Northwest Interpretive Association
This is an online catalog that features many good Chinook related books, including some that are out of print, for purchase. Proceeds from the sales go to an educational nonprofit organization called the Northwest Interpretive Association and their programs. They also have maps, videos, pen and ink drawings, postcards, historic fabric and patterns, Native American jewelry, beads and beading kits, blankets and many more item collections.

Chinook Bibliography
This site is part of the Chinook Indian site from the American Indian Tribe page which has a select number of nations featured in the immediate table, but the bibliography contains listings for books about the Chinook Nation. It's hard to say if they are written by Chinook People. It also contains listings for historical books and such written about the tribe.

Chinook Jargon Bibliography
This site gives a detailed list of over thirty Chinook Jargon books and dictionaries, some are even available online. An interesting page to take a look at is the history of Chinook Jargon Dictionaries

Chinook Jargon Bookshelf
This site recommends three books about and to learn Chinook Jargon. It also had other resources to look at, another great page from the Chinook Jargon site.

Bibliography of Northwest Coast Linguistics, Anthropology and Archaeology


Background: Blossoming salmonberry, Willapa Bay. K. Lugthart photo.