Lower Chinook and Clatsop
Traditional Culture
  Since Time Immemorial
Who's Who
Village Life
Inter-Village Relations
Seasonal Round
"Celiast" and "Ilchee"
Intertribal Trade Network
Canoe People
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  Contemporary Culture
Environmental History
Cultural History
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  Relationship with U.S.
  Early Coastal Exploration
Strangers Arrive
Maritime Fur Trade
Fort Clatsop Winter
Overland Fur Trade
Disease and Burial Customs
Fisheries, Missions, and Settlements
Shrinking Land Base
Making Treaties
Recognition and U.S. Relations
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Read “A Time for Forgiving,” an article written by Miriam Knight relating the efforts of Jeff Painter (Clatsop) in reviving Clatsop songs and traditions for the purpose of individual and community healing.

Correcting Stereotypes
Cultural Steroptypes
Charlotte Basch, Clatsop-Nehalem
Charlotte Basch, Clatsop-Nehalem
Documenting Cultural History through Archaeology
Archaeology of Middle Village
Charles Funk, Chinook