Northern Shoshone and Bannock
Traditional Culture
  Since Time Immemorial
Who's Who
All My Relations
Pipe Ceremony and Peacemaking
Great Circle
Intertribal Relations
"How the Indian Averted Famine"
Naming Ceremonies
Agaidika Perspective on Sacajawea
Horses, Trade, & Travel
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  Contemporary Culture
  Sovereignty & Tribal Government
Arts & Artists
Annual Festival Dances
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  Relationship with the U.S.
  Early Contact
Fur Trade
Naturalists in Shoshone Country
Missionaries and Emigrants
Making Treaties
Lemhi In Limbo
Lemhi Reservation and  Loss
Shrinking Reservation
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Lemhi Pass > Culture > Recommended Websites
Website Referral

Official website of the Lemhi Shoshone tribe.
Excellent resource, created by the tribe. Historic and contemporary issues covered. Maps, photos, links.

Shoshone - Bannock Tribes site
Tribal government, history, photographs, maps, treaty information & more

Sho-Ban News
Excellent and comprehensive online newspaper covering Idaho and Indian Country.

Shoshoni Indians
Brigham D. Madsen Utah History Encyclopedia; provides an overview of Shoshoni bands around 1840.

Sacajawea Interpretive and Education Center
Official website of interpretative museum and educational center being constructed in Salmon, Idaho to honor Sacajawea through exhibits, nature trails, classes and other resources.

Lemhi County Historical Museum site devoted to historically correct information concerning Sacajawea and the valley she was born in.

Shoshone Bannock Tribal Enterprises
Features news, annual festival, history, gaming, online catalog for clothing, gifts and art.

Fort Hall
A promotional site for the Bannock Shoshone and Fort Hall; features the Tribal Museum, Festival and Rodeo.

Shoshone-Bannock Indians History/Link
History, a chronology, and links to other sites.

The Shoshone Indians and Lewis and Clark
PBS website series

Idaho Museum of Natural History
Wrensted exhibit: thoughtful exhibit including many historic photographs of Shoshone people.

Racial mascots in Wyoming and Idaho
Lists schools, and contact information of them, using Native American mascots, such as Braves, Red Devils, and Warriors.

National Park Service
National Park service site featuring excerpts from the Lewis & Clark journals that pertain to the Lemhi Shoshone.

Journey of Sacagawea
Idaho Public Television site explores Sacagawea’s role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Background: ricegrass photo by Roger Rosentreter, BLM botanist, Idaho