Native Homelands DVD

Native Homelands Along the L & C Trail:

Tribal Homelands:

1. Homelands of the Mandan & Hidatsa
2. Homelands of the Blackfeet
3. Homelands of the Shoshone
4. Homelands of the Salish
5. Homelands of the Shaptin-speaking tribes of the Columbia Plateau
6. Homelands of the Upper Chinookan Tribes
7. Homelands of the Lower Chinookan Tribes


Questions for teaching purposes:

1. Why was the beaver such a significant and revered animal among the Native American communities?

2. While the Native Americans have been portrayed to be people of whom the white people were afraid, from the Native American perspective, why was this the case? According to Narcisse Blood, what were the Native Americans simply trying to do?

3. How did the Salish Indians greet Lewis and Clark? In what conditions did the Salish find the members of the expedition to be upon meeting them?

4. For the Nez Perce Indians, when is the New Year and why is it so important?

5. According to Armand Minthorn, how do the Native American tribes keep their past a part of their everyday life?

6. What was unique about the sources of food for the Wasco Indians, and why was salmon so important to them?

7. In what ways did the Salish and the Nez Perce interact? What was the significance of the Nez Perce trail?

8. For the Chinook Indians, what was the role of women in society?

9. In most stories, what is the most significant problem with the way that the Native American people are typically portrayed?