Contemporary Voices DVD

Contemporary Voices Along the Lewis and Clark Trail:

Areas of Subject Matter:

1. Place
2. Early Contact
3. Language
4. Respect
5. Continuity

Questions for teaching purposes:

1. Why is the water, the land, and the mountains so sacred to the Native American people?

2. How did Christianity, treaties, government intervention, alcohol, and trapper and traders all affect the homelands of the Nez Perce, the Yakima, the Cayuse, the Umatilla, the Walla Walla, and the Palouse?

3. In what ways did the government try to make the Native American children more like themselves?

4. How did the No Child Left Behind Act affect the Native American communities?

5. How has contact with the Euro-Americans affected the hunting, fishing, and gathering for the Native American people?

6. What are the most significant problems today in regards to the ways by which the history of the Native American tribes is communicated?

7. Bobbie Conner stated, “Our language is actually a reflection of our ecosystem.” What does she mean by this and why is language therefore so significant to the Native American culture?